The rally interrupted by Seattle protesters this weekend is bringing together the Democratic underdog Bernie Sanders with a nationally recognized movement Black Lives Matter. Albeit in a conflicted way, it is creating much needed conversation. That of the progressive left, with shades & tinges of white privilege, meeting head on with black voices who are asking for more out of a man who is already giving so much. In a way, rightly so. If Sanders is going to win the primaries, he has to expand his vision to a larger population. He needs people pushing on him from the periphery, working their way inside, and taking, for a moment, his mic stand. These events show he is a candidate for the people. If the protesters had tried these same tactics with Trump or Bush or Clinton, I’m afraid to say, they would have been bamboozled and perhaps shot. Now, many may argue that Bernie Sanders is not the guy to interrupt, that he is on the side of the poor & disenfranchised of all colors, but all the same, Black Lives Matter has been receiving criticism from the beginning. Any time an outlier has arisen, they have been removed from the movement and condemned. But these very same people are the ones who have pushed the conversation into a larger context, from the riots in Baltimore to the women interrupting rallies in Seattle. This is one of the first times I’m seeing Bernie Sanders get mainstream coverage, and although it’s controversial, and could very possibly be detrimental, I believe his background & career will withstand any negative coverage. If he’s going to be a serious contender for the Democratic nomination, it will have to. Not only that, it’s necessary for him to grow, incorporate, and uplift a movement that has taken the country by storm.



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