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A couple weeks ago I was at a party talking with a lawyer from California. He was cool, and at some point we veered off into discussing politics. He said, “We need more women & artists to become leaders in this world.” I agreed with him and added, “So long as it isn’t Hillary Clinton.” He looked at me kind of funny, “Who else is there?” “Bernie Sanders.” “Bernie Sanders? Who’s Bernie Sanders. I mean, I’ve heard of him, but really, who is he?” He went on to say that Hillary has the machine behind her and there’s no use fighting against the corporate elite because they’re too strong. They manufacture consent too well. There are too many people who don’t give a shit, who don’t self-educate, who are too susceptible to Fox News and mass media. I told him that’s why we’re talking about Bernie Sanders. Because he needs people. He doesn’t have the machine behind him. He has people. And the more people who talk him up, the more likely we will rise above corporate influence. Because Hillary Clinton doesn’t give a shit about people. She’ll say anything to buy a vote. Take a look at her track record. She does nothing but flip flop. She’s a corporate puppet. He said alright, I’ll take a look at Bernie. And for a moment, he had a sparkle in his eye, as if he was recalling a feeling that had left him long ago. He smiled and said, “Yeah, grassroots.”