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Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven

I’m reading another book on China called “Almost a Revolution.” It’s a memoir, and the author is involved in student groups and organizing activism. He keeps falling short of creating a movement because he is either afraid of the government or they infiltrate his groups and disband it through fear.

It has me wondering when another movement is going to occur in the States. It seems they only occur when a critical mass is pushed over the edge by a single tragedy, i.e. the death of Freddy Gray or the non-indictment of the officer who murdered Michael Brown. In other countries, there seems to be a similar pattern. There is upheaval in India right now because of two women who have been sentenced to atone for their brother’s crime. Their punishment: Rape. Yes, it’s disgusting and despicable. I haven’t read anything about people taking to the streets, but in Japan, they have come out in the tens of thousands because the government has been talking about reinstating its military after it was disbanded post-WWII.

It seems everyone is pissed off about something. Whether it be racism, guns, police brutality, gender inequality, economic inequality, rape culture, the slaying of an officer in Texas, and sadly the list goes on and on. The thing is, people are divided on one side or the other. Liberal vs conservative, gun control vs upholding 2nd amendment rights, God vs evolution, and if I was a nefarious dictator, or part of some elite group of global power, that’s exactly where I’d want to see the masses: divided and arguing.

Now don’t get me wrong, I like seeing people involved in everyday politics, fighting the good fight, whatever it may be- I support all the little, unseen battles that are so very important. But I’m still left wondering, what will bring us all together? How will we unite to put an unceasing amount of pressure on those who control the money, the media, and ultimately the livelihood of our beings?

Occupy was a big deal. It brought a lot of people together from all sorts of backgrounds and temporarily dissolved our differences. It gave us a glimpse of unity. Eventually the critiques of the movement, like the lack of leadership, as well as the sheer mass and diversity of causes, contributed to it eventually petering out and becoming something of a novelty and footnote in the books of recent history.

So again, I’m left questioning, what is going to mobilize the masses to unite? What issue will be the linchpin to keep people together?

The pope is coming to the States soon. One of his major agendas has been climate change. I can only imagine he will address that upon his arrival. Obama is currently in Alaska, and from what I’ve been reading, he’s going to make a big push on the same issue.

Do people even consider environmental crises as reality? Or do we push it off, saying “Well I don’t know if I believe humanity is on the brink of extinction. That’s a bit far fetched.” The thing is, the dinosaurs were large and in charge at one point, and now all we see of them are their skeletons. Did they see extinction coming? Even if they did, do you think they acknowledged it? Were they saying the same thing? “Well, the winters sure are colder and the summers sure are hotter. And look at all the species dying out one by one. And how about those record number of forest fires? And good gosh, the uptick in natural disasters… What about overpopulation… Well, I don’t know. That’s just too much cynicism for me. Let’s get back to our regular scheduled programming.”

Are we going to collectively wake up or is the planet going to decide FOR US we’re no longer fit to be its inhabitants?

Here’s the thing- I don’t know what it’s going to look like when the scales tip. I don’t know how people are going to change en masse in order to streamline themselves with nature. I sure hope we’re not forced into it, because I’ve talked to too many people and seen too many films on the zombie apocalypse. I’m not eating brains to survive. I have a garden outback, y’all are welcome to come powwow with me. Either that, or let me know when we’re taking it to the streets.