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Sometimes I romanticize the proletariat revolution. Folks waking up whistling slinging a shovel over the shoulder digging and building. I imagine people working with the earth, closely, sometimes with machines, but mostly with hands & tools. Shovels, axes, picks, hammers, saws. Constructing the world majestically, with the utmost patience & craft, slowly cultivating strength, resistance, and local food-producing gardens. It’s a dream. I know. Maybe that’s what the commies had in mind. Marx, Mao, Castro. But they got corrupted like any man in power. What does it mean – Workers of the world unite? I would love for people to wake up voluntarily to build schools, sturdy housing, without argument or shootings. Feed the starving. Teachers teaching without such constraints on curriculum, doctors healing, billionaires donating, and the government doing its job aka humanely handling authority aka cease & desist warring on the people. We are on the hustle & grind every damn day. We even got something on the side. Whether it be two jobs three jobs going to college serving food or in an office. It can be sickening. Where is the trickle down? There is none. It’s all bull shit coming from above. Nothing real is happening in the politics of this country. It’s all symbols. A flag got taken down. Great. A relic of the past spitting in the flames. What about the homeless? And PTSD veterans? A mountain gets its name reinstated. Great. Honor the slaughtered. I’m not trying to minimize it. Denali is monstrous. Our apologies should be equally as large. What about the southern portion of the USA that once belonged to Mexico? Should we really expect fictional borders drawn on flimsy paper to withstand culture & time? The Mayan prophecy of 2012 swept through the consciousness of people like a great tide flooding biblical earth, destroying old thoughts and out-moded paradigms. When the Europeans invaded South America, the indigenous quite literally absorbed the customs & language of white people only to spit it back out with their own flair & anger. Guerrilla warfare. Che. The Sandinistas. The Zapatistas. Picking up spare shovels, hoisting up their guns, shaking raging fists at warhawks & imperialist pigs. Where is our common ground? Y’all want 2nd amendment rights, quit using it against your neighbor and fight the tyrants ruling over the land. That bastard over at Nestle is stealing our water and selling it back to us for a price. And corporate welfare is taking our money one tax season at a time. We need Unity woven through the hearts of people, siding with one another to fight the maelstrom of media trying to divide us at the seams. We are the real change. No promise from politicians is going to work unless people can see eye to eye. We need to acknowledge, now more than ever, we live in a global mind, and working all of us simple folks with many cultures is the daily routine.


Seeing the video of Sandra Bland made me so sad. A person caught in a power struggle, trying to continue on her way, move on from frustration, and go about her business. It’s like a tick bite that is seemingly small and aggravating until it turns into a bull’s eye and bam you get lyme’s disease. Life is temporarily upheld, you have to get medicine and treatment. The thing is, this was two humans, and now one of them is gone. Rest in peace & rest in power. It’s sad that people are driven to such extremes from such simple beginnings. We are seeing this time and time again, from the attack on the military base to the attack on churches. And people are tired of it. These little, extremely violent incidences are reflections of larger stresses that everyone is experiencing- from global warming’s effect on the summer & winter, making them hotter and colder, to the pressure to achieve and work work work so much to just barely feel as though life is not falling apart & slipping through our fingers. It doesn’t help that I’ve been seeing warnings posted about police stepping up their rate of pullovers and ticketing on NJ highways just so they can make an extra buck for the next month. This kind of pressure is counterintuitive to safety and harmony. Yeah, it happens every summer, but that doesn’t make it right. It just pisses people off. And that irritation snowballs and then we have events like Sandra Bland and Eric Garner and Michael Brown. We live in crazy times that escalate quickly. Whether we are the aggressor or the victim, a situation that spirals out of control can happen to any one of us. It only takes a moment, and the script gets flipped. Life is too precious. I wish peace and love for everyone. And space to relax, so in situations that could spell life or death, the system doesn’t choke you up, that you are able to move compassionately into your path, or even just freely into your next breath.